Our Vision

VISION: Vision Sierra Leonean benefiting from pro-poor policies and programmes


To have a social forum or social movement advocating on issues of equlity and social justice for the people of Sierra Leone.


To strengthen civil society budget advocacy to ensure that government implements transparent, accountable, gender-sensitive and pro-poor planning and budgeting systems.


  • Creating platforms for engaging with national and international agencies on issues of pro-poor budget policy formuation that are of interest to the people of Sierra Leone
  • Ensure national and district budget are pro-poor and gender sensitive
  • Serve as a focal point for the sharing of information and communication between and among partners
  • Provide analysis of the national budget with the view to influence policy review and alternative policy formulation
  • BAN Accomplishment so far
    1. Capacity Building
  • Installation of BAN Data base and training in use
  • Training on SPSS, Stata, ADEPT for analysis in the social sectors
  • Training on Policy analysis/advocacy
  • Train BAN, Independent Monitoring Teams and the District Budget Oversight Committee on budget performance monitoring

    2. Activity
  • Analysed the Government Budget and produced policy brief which was inputted into the government budget
  • Organized regional platforms on the budget analysis
  • Do joint Monitoring of government infrastructure project nationwide
  • Mobilize stakeholder who participated effectively in the government bilateral budget discussion
  • Nominated as the lead country researcher for the open budget index
  • Attended all donor meetings on budget and economic management issues
  • Undertook an Analysis of the Tax System in Sierra Leone since independent
  • Conducted a study on the District Budget Oversight Committee in terms of improving accountability.
  • Conducted a study on the Agriculture budget
  • Engaged with budget oversight structures such as the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament and the Audit Service Sierra Leone on budget issues
  • Budget tracking in the health sector

    3. Network with National Institutions/networks
    Established network and good working relationship with the following:
  • District Budget Oversight Committees
  • National Advocacy Network on Extractive
  • Independent Monitoring Teams in the Western Rural, Bombali and Kono
  • The Public Account Committee of Parliament
  • The Finance Committee of Parliament
  • The Audit Service Sierra Leone
  • The Ministry of Finance, Education and Health
  • The Anti Corruption Commission

    4. Network with International Institutions/networks
    BAN has established a very strong network with the following:
  • Tax Justice Network based in Kenya
  • The Institute of Social Development Centre
  • International Budget Project based in the United State of America



    "Promoting Participation, Transparency and Accountability in both the National and Local Budget Process in Sierra Leone ." - ~Ban Theme

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